AIOP Pro Members Club (APMC)


Updated: February 24, 2022

1.) Q: What is AIOP Pro Members Club (APMC)?

Ans.: AIOP Pro Members Club is a group of AIOP Pro account holders with shared interest, goals and mission. Club is searching people in different walks in life from throughout the world who are struggling, tired and frustrated learning and trying how to become successful in the online business world. We are honest, dedicated, determined and god fearing individual aiming to help one another using the club platform as a vehicle to transform lives of our valued members. We always believed that our members success is our club success.

2.) Q: How many hits requirements to be on active status in the club center rotators? 

Ans.: We disembark and abandon that weekly hits requirement for our valued club members to be on active status in our central rotators. Simply because it doesn't works and it was design by most team leaders for them to cheat from members. We don't believe and follow that model of system. We provide and offer our valued club members 2 options to build their AIOP business:

1st Option - Powerful Shared Campaign loaded with their own AIOP compensation plan referral page and AIOP Sign up page. Packed with our professionally design club lead capture page or squeeze page as a tool to capture leads and have them added into their own personal mailing list. It can be advertise anywhere that it can be expose to traffic. This options is FREE Membership in our club website.

2nd Option - This option will require our valued club members to contribute $5.00 monthly subscription for our Ad Coop Membership (optional). This is design to those valued members who doesn't have spare time to perform some task on FREE advertising platform like Traffic Exchange and Safelist Mailer which both requires their FREE members to Surf or browse other members ads to generate credits for their own ads to show to other members. The net fund collected from this membership Ad Coop Membership will be used for paid advertising. There will be a separate dedicated campaign for our Ad Coop Members. This campaign will be loaded with email series that comes with our 2 central rotator. Central Rotator 1 will be loaded with our Ad Coop Members - AIOP Compensation Plan referral page while Central Rotator 2 will be loaded with our Ad Coop Members - AIOP Sign Up Referral page.

3.) Q: Can I use the shared campaign for my own promotion? 

Ans.: Absolutely YES! our club shared campaign is design for our all our members for their own promotion and through that campaign you will be building your own mailing list which your can also use occasionally to send your other business opportunity offer. We want all our members to have a mailing list because mailing list is the bread and butter in the online business opportunity. When you have the mailing list you can send them occasionally your offer.

4.) Q: Can I join your club if I choose AIOP Basics Account?  

Ans.: Although we encourage our aspiring club member to pick up AIOP Pro Account instead of AIOP Basics Account. YES! we welcome those aspiring club member to go for AIOP Basic Account and help them upgrade in the future when they start earning. 

5.) Q: How to avail and join Ad Coop Membership? 

Ans.: Aspiring AIOP Pro Club Member can join our Ad Coop Membership anytime they wish to. From a club FREE membership, simply upgrade your APMC Membership Account and your done.

6.) Q: Do I earn monetary rewards for my club referrals? 

Ans.: YES, it's one way of helping our club members move to the next level of their club membership account. Accumulated monetary rewards can be use to upgrade your club account from FREE Membership to Ad Coop Membership and for those who are already on Ad Coop Membership level can use their accumulated monetary rewards to pay their monthly subscriptions. We reward FREE Membership Account level 10% ($0.50) each Ad Coop Membership referrals While Ad Coop Membership Account level will be rewarded 20% ($1.00) for every Ad Coop Membership level referral. Monetary rewards will be taken from the $5.00 monthly Ad Coop Membership subscriptions. The remaining balance will be added to the total fund for paid advertising. 

7.) Q: Do we need to contribute for the club website hosting? 

Ans.: Good news! our club website is hosted with AIOP. We avail this hosting service from AIOP the comes without AIOP Account. Our club website is completely and 100% to use as our way of helping and building financial freedom that our club members are looking for.

8.) Q: Why AIOP Pro Members Club decided to picked AIOP over the others? 

Ans.: Simply because AIOP is the best opportunity available in the current generation. There products and services are State-of-the-Art and user friendly. Top up with superior compensation plan that comes along with it. AIOP Products and services are essential in any online business opportunity. AIOP has it all from A-Z online marketing tools. While using AIOP Marketing tools for your existing online business. You may also offer AIOP to others to the tools they required and when you do, you get paid and our club is here to help you on that.

9.) Q: What is All In One Profits (AIOP)? 

Ans.: All In One Profits is a complete, interconnected, business building and marketing platform built as part of AIOPBT network. AIOP offers an "all-in-one" web tools suite designed to help and make available to anyone all the essential online business building and marketing tools, all at the most affordable price on the market. 

All In One is geared at assisting our clients in the continuously changing world of online marketing and providing the essential web tools and services any entrepreneur and marketer needs, in order to build any business.

The business building and marketing web tools include but is not limited to: Cloud Linux Web Hosting, AutoResponder and Email Marketing service, SEO optimized article and blogging platform, Lead Capture Page funnels builders, Splash Page maker, Ready Made Funnels for any business, URLTracker, Website builder, Video squeeze builder, and much more to be listed here. We also provide a Digital Product Library with many hours of Video Training, and eBooks, PLR products, Graphics etc.

The All In One Profits advertising network also includes advertising web sites. Traffic generation web sites, email marketing services, text and banner web sites, and other specific advertising solutions that will be added ongoing. The company offers an affiliate and partner program, paying a percent of the company sales profit as affiliate commission using a proprietary unique and innovative sales tracking system, created by us, the Even up® system. Find out more Here

All In One Profits company supports NGO, charity organizations with a percent of the AIOP Advertising network profits. CLICK HERE If your questions are not covered here. We will be glad to hear and answer your questions.

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