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Updated: February 24, 2022

AIOP Pro Members Club (APMC), was founded on February 24, 2022 by a seasoned online marketer/entrepreneur Mr. Samuel Panilag. He is the same person behind the success of Actual Hits 4u (Traffic Exchange), he founded/established on 2015.

He founded AIOP Pro Members Club (APMC) for two reasons in mind; Help & Success. Help in so many ways to become successful. Base on his experience he saw many are struggling to become successful in the online world. The real fact is that many failed to become successful because they act like a soldier without a gun going to a war field. They got into a trap easily by scammers and it end up with frustration. He saw many advertisers from his own traffic exchange promoting scam sites, there are also people jumping from one scam site to another, worse is they learned how to become a scammer. Having witness those struggles, our club founder did a thorough investigation in most if not every legitimate online business opportunity and he come up with the best opportunity online named All In One Profits (AIOP) as you may knew them but don’t know the deep information about what they have to offer. As its name says, literally means they have everything to offer every online marketer to become successful regardless of his/her business affiliation. AIOP has it all under one roof! Name it; AutoResponder for List Building, Topnotch WebHosting, Professional drug and drop Splash Builder and a lot more. These are the tools that every online marketer must have. Specially the State-of-the-Art AutoResponder is consider to be a must for everyone, like the experts says “Money is in the List” without a marketing list then your online business is bound to fail. Only a fraction of .01% will join or grab your offer online the first time they saw it. Advertising your online business opportunities in traffic exchanges is a waste of time and disaster if you advertise directly your referral link. Everyone in traffic exchange are busy surfing for credits, they don’t have time to review your page because their purpose there is to surf. Grab them while they are surfing to your mailing list. By way of advertising your squeeze page also known as lead capture page, these page come’s with a short form to capture name and email address of the viewer. Have it with the eye catching capture page to attract them to enter their name and email address while waiting the traffic exchange timer.

Having said that, our founder decided to form and set up a club, which consist of like-minded people with one goal to be a successful online marketer. We pick a single opportunity to promote and the is AIOP, because we believe that our market is wider that the rest because we offer the tools for other online business opportunity. Everyone can join our club while they are engage with other affiliate program because they need the product that our club is offering. Our club founder spent days of sleepless night to invest and set up our platform for our new club member to use as a vehicle towards success.

As our club name says it “AIOP Pro Members Club” we only accommodate those who are ready to go for AIOP Pro Account. We believe at least AIOP Pro account is the right and the best option to maximize all our member’s income potential and maximize the useful marketing tools that they offer.

Initially we will launch our club with the following membership options:

  1. Free Membership Option – This option is designed to those who have enough time or revenue to advertising their own personalized lead capture page from our club shared campaign. If you have much spare time to surf different T.E. of your choice or you have extra allowance to advertise your own shared campaign capture page, then this option is best for you.
  2. Ad Coop Membership Option – This option is best for those what are busy and looking for additional source of income online. This is a paid membership option at $5.00 monthly subscription. Out of $5.00, 10% ($.50) will be rewarded to the free sponsor while 20% ($1.00) will be rewarded to the Ad Coop Member sponsor. The rest will be spent on paid advertising (Coop Advertising) to reached over 1000 traffic source both (Traffic Exchange and Safelist Mailer) There will be a separate campaign for this membership option. The campaign email series for this option is dedicated only for those who go for the coop membership option, it contains our central rotator. Our central rotator is loaded with our Ad Coop Members – AIOP Compensation plan referral URL and also their AIOP Sign up page. The rotator will keep on rotating to all the URL loaded into it. Goodbye weekly hits requirement to be on rotation. We don’t give cash payout commission. Your accumulated commission can be used to subscribe to our Ad Coop Membership option.

We abandon the so called weekly hits requirement to be active in the rotator simply because it doesn’t work and it gives the admin the opportunity to cheat. We discourage lazy opportunity seekers to join our team, because we don’t want you to lose your hard earn money. We form the club to help each other because we believed that among club members together we are one. If you will not do your part, then you will not succeed in anything business opportunity. There is no such thing as you will become successful if you join any team or club by doing nothing. Our club laid out a blue print for our members to follow. Marketing tools are provided but nothing will happen if we keep our tools asleep. That is why you don’t encourage people who are not willing to become successful to join our team. It can be successful in any business opportunities that they have by using the marketing tools that our team has to offer (AIOP State-of-the-Art and topnotch marketing tools from A – Z.

Our club (AIOP Pro Members Club” offered free downline builder listing for their existing or any other program, business opportunities or affiliates into our club website where you are here now. This means that we are helping them to grow their program with us. This is additional advantage of our club to grow faster.

We planned to launch our club “AIOP Pro Members Club” on Mach 05, 2022.

Wishing you success and a bright future ahead….

To god be the Glory.


Samuel Panilag
AIOP Pro Members Club (APMC)

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